Coronavirus Vocabulary – Từ vựng chuyên đề Tội phạm và Trừng phạt

Crime and Punishment Vocabulary The most common crime and punishment vocabulary with audios for pronunciation. This word list covers crimes, criminals, punishment, court proceedings and other useful words to write and talk about the topic of crime. Practice the words with the vocabulary exercise at the bottom of the page. Major Crimes abduction = talking … Đọc tiếp

Body Language – Từ vựng chuyên đề Ngôn ngữ Cơ thể

Here is a list of body language communication and vocabulary. There are many examples of how body language is a form of communication. Body language is used in every country and culture through the world. Why is body language important to understand? Body language is used to assess people’s characters. It is one of the … Đọc tiếp

Advertising Vocabulary – Từ vựng chuyên đề Quảng cáo

Form of the word ad (n) advert (n) advertise (vb) advertising (v*ing) advertisement (n) (there are two different pronunciation – UK and USA) Main Types of Advertisements TV commercial Promotion of products and services using colour, action, sound and sight. These are memorable and accessible to a large  market. They are good to show how … Đọc tiếp

Những thành ngữ tiếng Anh thông dụng

Be careful driving! Lái xe cẩn thận Be careful! Hãy cẩn thận Can you translate this for me? Bạn có thể dịch cho tôi cái này được không? Chicago is very different from Boston. Chicago rất khác Boston. Don’t worry. Đừng lo lắng. Everyone knows it. Ai cũng biết điều đó. Everything is ready. Mọi … Đọc tiếp

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