IELTS Writing Task 1: Rainwater Diagram

The diagram shows how to rainwater is collected for the use of drinking water in an Australian town.

IELTS Writing Task 1: Rainwater Diagram

The diagram illustrates how an Australian town collects rainwater to process in order to use as drinking water. Overall, rainwater collected from houses can be used for drinking after it has been processing by being filtered and then being treated with chemicals.

Initially, the rain which falls on the rooftop is collected by the gutter and then runs down the pipe at the side of the house into the drain at the bottom. Each house collects rainwater in this way and the rainwater is then passed along underground drains to the water filter.

The rainwater passes through the water filter to remove any impurities. Once it has been filtered, it continues along the pipes to a storage tank. From this point, the water goes from storage to the water treatment. At this stage of the process, the water is treated with chemicals in order ti make it fit for consumption. When the water is ready for drinking, it travels along pipes that lead back into the houses in the town where people can used the water for daily consumption.

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