Writing topic – A heavy rain

Yesterday I was caught in a heavy rain when I was going home from school.

It was about 4 p.m. and the streets were crowded with people and vehicles. The sky was blue and the sun was shining brightly. Suddenly, large banks of black clouds came from the West and quickly covered the sky. Strong gusts of wind arose, blowing away all the dirt and rubbish of the streets. A sudden flash of lighting lit up the sky. It was followed by a great thunder, which frightened everybody. Then, rain drops began to fall down. Like others, I stopped my motorbike and took shelter under a veranda of a house. The rain became bigger and bigger. Rain water flooded the pavements and turned the street in front of me into a small river. The streets were deserted. Only a few cars and some people in their raincoats hurried past. After 30 minutes, the rain stopped. People rushed out from their shelter and the streets became busy again.

This shower brought fresh air to the city people after many hot summer days.

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