Writing topic – A visit to a friend

Last Sunday may classmates and I went to the Cho Ray Hospital to visit our friend Lan, who had been injured in a traffic accident and was being treated there.

We found Lan among many patients, all are traffic accident cases, in a large room on the second floor. She wore bandage around her body and looked thin and pale. She was happy to see us, but she could not sit up because her belly was wounded and her legs broken. She spoke in a low voice, telling us the cause of the accident, the condition of her injuries and her medical treatment. We had only talked for 30 minutes when a nurse came in. She gave Lan an injection and several tables of medicine. Then she asked us to give the patient some rest because Lan was still weak. So we had to say good bye to Lan after giving her our best wishes together with some beautiful flowers and oranges.

I felt great sympathy for Lan. I hope she would recover soon.

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