Writing topic – A well-known beauty spot

There are many beautiful places in our country, but Da Lat is considered the most famous.

Situated in a highland about 1,000 metres above the sea level and 300 kilometres from Ho Chi Minh City, Da Lat has several picturesque oine woods and wonderful stream and waterfalls. Da Lat is also known as ”The Kingdom of Flowers” because we can see all kinds of flowers in great numbers there. In the centre of the town is Xuan Huong Lake, which is very charming especially in the early morning. People are attracted by many nice villas of various styles of architecture in their beautiful flower gardens along the sloping streets. The climate of Da Lat is cool all the year round. Its temperature is from 16 C degree to 25 C degree.

On holidays and weekends, thousands of tourists from all places come to Da Lat to enjoy the beautiful landscape and the fine weather there.

Da Lat deserves its name ”A Brilliant Pearl in the Plateau”.

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