Writing topic – Can money bring happiness?

Many people think that money can bring happiness. In fact, if they have a great deal of money, they can buy beautiful clothes, comfortable houses, modern cars and get everything they wish. They can also travel abroad in expensive tours. When they are sick, they can be cured in good hospitals. Above all, they can live in luxury without having to work hard as other people do.

But money is not all. It is not a wonderful thing which can bring people good health, intelligence and good personality. Not all rich people are happy because misfortunes may happen to them or their families. Besides, those who are wealthy often tend to get more money. They may do bad things for their ambition, and this may lead them to prison some day.

In my opinion, money is only valuable when it comes from our own talents and efforts. To be really happy, besides money, we should have good health and live a sound way of life.

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