Writing topic – City life compared with country life

Both city life and country life have advantages as well as disadvantages.

In the city, the houses are supplied with electricity and drinking-water. It is very convenient for city people to go from place to place by bus, by taxi or by motorbike. They can buy everything they need in supermarkets and department stores everywhere. For entertainment, they can go to theatres and amusement centres. However, they have to suffer from the pollution of air and noise, which is very harmful to their health.

Many people prefer to live in the country because they can enjoy fresh air, peaceful atmosphere and beautiful landscape there. However, life in the country is not comfortable and easy. Country people lack such comforts and conveniences as electricity, drinking-water, good means of transportation and amusement places.

I think city life is suitable for young people. Elderly people should enjoy their life in the countryside.

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