Writing topic – My bad behavior when I was a child

I am a good student of the University of Transport. I sometimes think of my childhood and fell ashamed of my bad behaviour when I was very young.

At that time I was very lazy. I often went to school late. In class, I did not pay attention to my teachers”explanations. As a result, I always got bad marks for my papers. I used to have quarrels and fights with my classmates and therefore, I was punished by the teachers several times. At home, I seldom helped my parents with the housework and usually disobeyed them. Everyone disliked me because of my bad behaviour.

I know that I was quite wrong in the past. Now I am trying to become a good person. I study hard, obey and respect my parents and teachers. My good behaviour has gained affection and admiration from other people. My parents are very satisfied and proud of me. I hope I wll become a good and successful engineer in the future.

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