Writing topic – Talking about fashion

Fashion is the way of living or doing something in a certain period of time. Fashion appears in all things such as clothes, jewels, cars, mobile phones and hair styles. New fashions have been excessively advertised on television, in radio and newspapers. Fashion changes all the time. A top model of today may be regarded old-fashioned some days later. Those who are eager for fashion are mainly rich people, especially young ones. Many of them spend a lot of time and money looking for the latest models in order to make themselves more attractive and elegant. To get money for their favourite fashions, some youngsters may do bad things such as stealing money from their parents, cheating other people and even committing crimes.

In a way, fashion makes our life more varied and pleasant. But if we are the “slaves” of fashion, sooner or later, we will become disappointed and unhappy because we can not find our long-lasting mental pleasures there.

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