Writing topic – The advantages and disadvantages of the Internet

The INTERNET is an international system, which enables the user to supply as well as to receive information to and from all over the world.

To be able to use the INTERNET, we must have a modern computer, which is connected to the above network by a special code. Using the INTERNET, we can get information we need in all fields such as science, literature, art, medicine and technology very quickly and accurately. We can also use the INTERNET to watch films, listen to music or talk to a person, who is living thousands of miles away.

However, the INTERNET also has disadvantages. Some people take advantage of the INTERNET to deceive others or issue or ill-willed information for their bad purposes. It is also used as a source of supplying depraved films and pictures, which may spoil our young generation.

In my opinion, to avoid negative side-effects, the usage of the INTERNET should be carefully controlled by the authorities.

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