Writing topic – The changes of Ho Chi Minh City in the last years

Ho Chi Minh City is the place where I was born and grown up. My city has changed a great deal in the last years.

The population of the city has come up to 7 millions. The streets are widened and crowded with people and vehicles. In the downtown areas, there are many tall buildings such as hotels, theatres and department stores. Besides, several new apartment buildings and residential areas have appeared in the suburbs. The people’s life becomes better and better.

However, not all changes in my city are good. Nowadays, there are more traffic accidents and traffic jams. The pollution of air, noise and water in the city has become serious. Worst of all, the spread of social evils and AIDS has threatened the city people’s safety and happiness.

I think if the above problems are solved, Ho Chi Minh City will become more beautiful and civilized and deserve its name.

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