Writing topic – The difficulties in learning English and how to overcome them

There are many difficulties in learning English. To me, the greatest problem is how to pronounce English words correctly. Unlike other languages, there are no rules of pronouncing the words in English. The same letter A may be pronounced /ei/ as an LATE, /ǣ/ in CAT, or /ä/ in CAR. To overcome this obstacle, we had better master the International Phonetic Alphabet and pronounce English words after their phonetic symbols.

Another difficulty is how to speak English fluently. To solve this problem, we should practice speaking English intensively, both at home and at school by imitating the native speaker’s voice as well as our teachers’.

To improve our listening comprehension of English, we should listen to English recording and radio broadcast and get in touch with English speaking people whenever possible.

If we try hard and work methodically, we can get over these difficulties and master the English language.

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