Writing topic – The traffic problems of Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City is the largest city in Viet Nam. It has a population of 7 millions with over 3 million vehicles of all kinds. Meanwhile, the streets are narrow and in bad condition. Worse still, the people’s sense of executing the traffic regulations is very low. As a consequence, there are many traffic accidents, which kill and injure hundreds of people every month. Besides, there are always traffic jams in the downtown areas in rush hours, which is a terrible waste of time and money of the city people.

To solve the above problems, the authorities should have the streets repaired and widened. They should also develop a good system of public transport to reduce the number of motorcycles moving along the streets. Above all, the city people should be educated to obey the traffic rules.

I hope that all effective measures, including severe penalty for traffic violations, will be carried out to reduce the number of traffic accidents.

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