Writing topic – We choice of a profession

The choice of a profession is a problem which worries most school-leavers. A suitable profession will bring us happiness and prosperity. On the contrary, it may be the cause of disappointment and misery in our life.

When choosing a profession for our future, we should consider the income of our family, our desire for it and our ability of doing it. A student of a poor family will find it hard to follow his studies at a medical college because he cannot afford to pay his school fees and other expenses for 6 years of his schooling before he becomes a doctor. In the same way, when a person does not like the job he is doing, he will give it up sooner or later. And he cannot perform something successfully if ha has no skill at doing it.

Therefore, when choosing a profession for ourselves, we should be very careful in our decision, because our future largely depends on our choice.

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