Writing topic – Why is it necessary to know English?

English is the most international of languages. It is spoken as a native language in the United States, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, most of Canada and in some other countries. It si also used as a second and foreign language by 700 million people in the remaining parts of the world. To many people, English is an important languages to master because it provides useful means to world scholarship and international trade. It has become an official language in the fields of politics, business, science and technology.

In our country, English is the main foreign language which is taught in schools and widely used in business. If we know English, we can read various kinds of English books to widen our knowledge, communicate with most foreigner easily and above all, find a good job in a business company.

In brief, it is necessary for us to know English. If we know English well, we may have more chances of improving our lives.

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