Sample essay 17

In recent years some countries have experienced very rapid economic development. This has resulted in much higher standards of living in urban areas but not in the country side. This situation may bring some problems for the country as a whole.

What are these problems? How might they be reduced?

From the evidence of developing countries all over the world, it seems inevitable that economic growth is generated in the business and industrial centers of the major cities. As a result, urban citizens have access to jobs and facilities that improve their living standards considerably. However, it is usually the case that these are not equally enjoyed by people in the countryside and this generates several problems for the countries concerned.

First lof all, people from the countryside will try to move the cites to get more employment opportunities and better access to facilities available there. However, adn leads to the creation of massive slum areas where conditions maybe lower than standards in the rural villages which are often left under-populated. This can impact food production and can have severe affects for people in both urban and rural areas.

Finally, as a country’s economy develops, there may be increasing sense of inequality as the towns get richer and the villages get poorer, and this may lead to more crime and even cilvil unrest. The key to reducing these problems seems to lie in improving the standard of living and the facolities and companies to relocate; road and rail networks can bu built to make such relocation possible; doctors and teachers could be required to spend part of their professional lives in rural areas.

In conclusion, discrepancies in economic growth can cause pressures on the overall living standards and many production activities. The essential way to deal with this is to try to rebalance the equality scale between urban and rural areas, by improving facilities and relocating business to the les advantaged regions.

Các cụm từ cần nhớ

– Inevitable(adj): thông thể tránh khỏi

– Put great pressure on: tạo áp lực lên

– The creation of massive slum areas: sự hình thành các khu nhà ổ chuột

– Under-populated(adj): ít người sinh sống, dân số ít.

– Sense of inequality: cảm giác về cuộc sống bất công

– Civil unrest: bất ổn xã hội

– Relocation(n): sự di dời

– Rebalance the equality scale: san bằng lại cán cân bình đẳng

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