Writing topic – In your opinion, which job is the most interesting?

There are plenty of good jobs in our society. In my opinion, working as a tourist guide is the most interesting.

Being a tourist guide enables us to meet all kinds of people and travel to different places. We may have chances of visiting such beauty spots in our country as Da Lat, Hue, Phong Nha Caves, Ha Long Bay and Sapa. If we are lucky, we may be assigned to guide tourist in overseas tours. Then we may visit modern cities, extraordinary structures and the wonders of the world which we have only known through books and television before. Above all, when dealing with foreign tourist, we have good opportunities to practice our English and widen our knowledge. Besides, the salary of a tourist guide is satisfactory.

I will apply for a job at a tourist agency to become a tourist guide when I have graduated from university and obtained a C-level certificate of English.

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