Writing topic – My favourite month

Of the twelve months in the year, I like February best. It is in the middle of spring when all trees are green and flowering. The weather at tat time is nice and the landscape is very beautiful. Everybody looks fine and excited,

The most important event in February is the Tet festival. During 3 days of the Lunar New Year, people enjoy their holidays free from work. They can join festivities everywhere or travel to beautiful places such as Da Lat, Nha Trang and Hue.

On New Year”s Eve, I will go with my parents to a pagoda to pray for good health, prosperity and happiness of our family. Then we show our respect and thankfulness to our parents and ancestors. On the following days, I come to visit my friends, teachers and relatives to send them best wishes.

February is a very good time for me, It brings me a lot of pleasures and hopes.

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