Writing topic – The advantages and disadvantages of using the public transport

Since the large increase of gasoline prices, many people have turned to public transport. When they go from place to place, they will take the bus instead of using their own cars or motorbikes. Travelling by bus has become popular in our city because the bus fare is rather low. Today we have to pay only 2,000 VND for a short trip and 5,000 VND for a long one. The network of bus routes is relatively complete, which enables us to go to nearly all places within our city. Besides, the current buses in our city are fairly modern. They are equipped with air-conditioners and comfortable seats. In many buses, the passengers can watch TV or video films during their trip.

However, what the passengers complain about is the state of being not on time of most buses. This has caused much inconvenience to he travelers. Worse still, many buses are so crowded, especially in rush hours, that many of the passengers have to stand once they get into them.

I am sure that more people will use the bus if this means of public transport is improved.

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