Writing topic – Talking about advertising

Advertising, especially advertising an article, is praising something publicity in order to encourage people to buy or use it.

Advertisements appear on TV, in radio, newspapers and posters. The things which are frequently advertised are motorbikes, radios, TV sets, electrical appliances, household things, medicines and cosmetics. Advertising is necessary because it gives the public information for their choice and decision. Advertising helps the manufacturer to sell more products, and this makes the prices of the things cheaper when they are produced in great numbers. Unfortunately, some advertisements are misleading and even cheating the customer. The qualities of several articles on sale are poor although they are highly praised in their advertisements. Some of these false advertisements are being investigated by the authorities because of the customers ‘ complaints.

Therefore, we should be careful about advertisements. If we are not sure of our choice about something, we should ask an expert for advice before buying or using it.

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