Writing topic – The problem of noise in Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Ci Minh City is the largest city in Viet Nam. It has a population of 7 millions with over 3 million vehicles of all kinds. It is also an industrial and business centre of the whole country. As a consequence, there has been the great pollution of air, water and noise in the city. To me, the problem of noise is the most serious.

Loud noise exist everywhere in the city all day. The shouts and cries from children, the honkings of cars and motorbikes, the roars of motor engines and the loud music from radios and TV sets, all annoy the city people permanently from morning till night and day after day. Because of there great noises, many people have suffered from deafness, stomachache, mental troubles, and heart sickness.

To silve the problem of noise, T think the government should have all noise causing firms removed out of city. All heavy cars and trucks should be prevented from going into the city centre. Above all, the people should be educated to behave properly in their surroundings.

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