Advertising Vocabulary – Từ vựng chuyên đề Quảng cáo

Form of the word

  • ad (n)
  • advert (n)
  • advertise (vb)
  • advertising (v*ing)
  • advertisement (n) (there are two different pronunciation – UK and USA)

Main Types of Advertisements

TV commercial

Promotion of products and services using colour, action, sound and sight. These are memorable and accessible to a large  market. They are good to show how something works and can be persuasive.

Newspaper ad

These adverts can either be national or local. They are placed in particular sections in the newspaper.

Magazine ads

These are aimed at a specific market and interest group. The ads are colourful and eye-catching but can be more expensive than newspaper ads.


These are often signs on the road or at sports stadiums. Large billboards can give a message with impact but with limited information.

Direct Mail

Letters and adverts are sent directly to customers. This is a direct approach with a select audience.

Radio advertising

This approach reaches a target audience and relies on them listening to a particular station. However, the message can easily be forgotten.

Text messages

Internet Pop-ups

Email Advertising


Transit advertising

Covert Advertising



Celebrity Endorsement

Practice exercises with Advertising Vocabulary



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